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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thank you for choosing handmade

A L O H A    
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for supporting handmade {made in the U.S.A.}. Every time someone buys a handmade decal from 3rd Ave Shore, it allows myself to run a passion driven company and happily create swell & ocean inspired wall decals for your pad. Buying handmade is a conscious decision. In my personal life, I support handmade items that come from all over the world because it  supports the many talented people out there who are trying to get started with their business. I find the care and love taken in making everything I buy comes through when I get it. I feel a sense of extra worth and pleasure with each purchase knowing I have helped someone get one step closer to their dream. Supporting each other is after all the most rewarding gift we can give each other. 
Here is some insight from SuzyJack {contemporary Eco friendly paper}: Why should one buy handmade?  Because normally, buying handmade does not require fighting for a parking space, having your ears pierced by blaring holiday music, walking around in a daze under fluorescent lights, fighting to push a shopping cart with one bad wheel, or having a cashier you don't know ask for your phone number and zip code.
And one last thing......Because handmade items are what your Great Great Grandma used to buy.
Nicly put :)  Once again, a very warm mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) for choosing 3rd Ave Shore's handmade wall decalsSam

"Choosing handmade is choosing a slower way of life, one rooted in tradition and creative expression." ~ Cathi McMurray