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Thursday, November 17, 2011

3rd Ave Shore knows all about Beach Weddings!

Dear one,

As a bride you are full of amazing ways to add some unexpected elements to your wedding. Lets say your wedding is themed around a song that is very special to the two of you. Why not then have the song lyrics displayed on the wall at your reception? Or perhaps you want to have your wedding monogram weaved throughout the day. You can feature it on the door of the ceremony site, to the champagne glasses that are used for your first toast! Your dance floor can be custom with you names and date of the special day. "Just Married" or "Happily ever after" on the back windshield is an awesome way to share your joy with others! I will help you make your own personalized wedding decals, you can't go wrong with the end product.

Thanks for stopping by :)

Congrats on happily ever after!
3rd Ave Shore  : Specializing in Beach Inspired Designs.

Custom Wedding Dance Floor Decal

Custom Surf Themed Wedding Mailbox

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I heart Olive: Kailua boutiquing

 Mahalo Olive for supporting 3rd Ave Shore & Handmade.
  A real treat to be apart of this project.

One of my girlfriends told me about Olive a couple years ago, a new boutique in the Kailua neighborhood. Of course I immediately hopped in my car to check it out. This boutique is a one-stop-shop for any occasion! Need a hostess gift? check.  Need a last minute birthday gift? no prob.  Want to reward yourself for that promotion you just got? This is the place! It’s magnificent. The owner Ali  recently connected with 3rd Ave Shore to use one of our tree decals to tie in a handmade swing that would hang inside the shop.  So creative on their part!!  Check the pics out or better yet go say hello to Olive.Enjoy :)

I fell in love with these letter press styled note cards. I’d say if you don’t live in/near Kailua that Olive is worth the drive

43 Kihapai St. Kailua, HI 96734

3rd Ave Shore is so bliss-ed (is that even a word??) to be apart of the Oahu business community!  If you have an idea that we can help you on....don't be shy, just ask!

Sam{antha} Hardin
mon-fri 9am-4pm