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Monday, February 28, 2011

Get Inspired & Go for It!

Did you happen to catch the Oscars last night?  Ted and I were in and out of it (basically going from ESPN and back to the awards) but I was so happy to catch (Kirk Baxter) advise his daughter during his acceptance  speech : “To my daughter, Bronte, find something you truly love doing and great things can happen...." 
1985 @ Grandma's pool
  I just had to smile, because growing up I was always encouraged by my family to do the my mom reminded me often : "Sam, there is nothing you can not do. Thank God everyday for your mind because it is the most powerful organ He gave you."

I hear this in the back of my mind quite often and it has turned into my natural filter when I come across a "no" or when  a thought of "there is no way this will work.."  In the business world.

I encourage Y O U to do the things you most love and everything will fall into place.
3rd Ave Shore was truly built out of a dream.  I always new I wanted to work for myself and produce a quality product from  my love for the sea to the world.  It has grown much bigger then just that now, I am now servicing the community with business storefront designs....and often encouraging other new entrepreneurs "If you build it, they will come." and loving very minute of it.

Trust me you have BIG talents and the rest of us are just waiting patiently to see them bloom :)  May this little blog post awaken the child dreams in you!  Please keep 3rd Ave Shore posted on your progress, I'd  love to design a logo/decal for you for free to help get the word out there about YOUR talents.

Along the way, don't forget to enjoy the ride.....

Sam Hardin

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