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Monday, September 26, 2011

Endless Summer Baby Nursery!

I am always so delighted when I hear from a fan that has supported 3rd Ave Shore.  When a fellow buyer of my surf inspired wall decals sends a note with a picture or goes directly to me. Not to an assistant that may get it to me by the end of the week and not a spam folder. I treat each message like they are golden!  As I was reading the emails that came through over the weekend I had to smile when I opened Carolyn's. Check out how her and the hubby used 3rd Ave Shore's decals:  

Mahalo Thrasher Ohana for sharing,
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Why I Believe in 3rd Ave Shore

Being an entrepreneur you have to have  the courage to go out into the world and say "Hey I have this great service or product..and I think it would benefit the quality of your life!"  Well I am definitely not the pushy type..BUT I do believe in my company. That belief and passion drives my focus to building a better and better 3rd Ave Shore Line every day.

You see there was a time when I wanted to stop having work be the largest space in my life and  rather live an inspired  {a hi-5 everyday kinda life!!} life that had my career fit into my passions.  So I took notice to what were the things that brought me pure joy just by doing them. I found that I was subconsciously {back in 2009} doodling and designing surf, vintage, and old school beach designs in all my spare time. I wasn't sure where I was going to place my designs, weather it be clothing or giclee prints {that was my thoughts at the time.}  But knew that I was creating an authentic self career.

My world transformed.

I happened to stumble onto a wall decal website with my girlfriend Emily, and thought {I actually think I blurted it out} I can do that!!!!!  Wall decals were the perfect art form for my audience! It did strike me odd that as I researched more and more wall decal companies, that they were all competing for the same market AND had the SAME designs!!!  I knew in my heart that putting my designs into wall decals was the perfect venue to shipping them world wide and touching my fellow ocean lovers out there.  I have never looked back.

So in a nutshell as to why I believe in 3rd Ave Shore....well it's simple. I love what I do and I'm having a killer time creating ocean inspired decor for other peoples spaces. Do what you're proud of and hopefully make a positive change along the way. May YOU be blessed.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Retro & Restoration Inspired Living

{}  UNREAL!!
 Aloha Friday!  Lots of exciting things going on in the  3rd Ave Shore world :)  So I must spill the beans.....Ted and I have been house hunting (*literally hunting!) the past 6 months for the perfect place to start our true (non-rental kind) roots in Hawaii. Well we are now due to close on our first property next month!  We could not be more excited about the property.  It sits on a  good amount of land, pretty original condition (which we love!!), with lovely views of the Waikiki sunsets from our back yard. We are so grateful to have found this home and to be able to call it ours.  Here is some of my inspiration on keeping it retro/vintage.  I must say that we are both not a huge fans of pink, so envision the pink accents in lime or burnt orange.  Oh the joys of decorating in my mind...LOL
Picture to come!!  I'll be sure to post the renovations too (good 'ole sweat equity).

Mahalo for supporting 3rd Ave Shore & handmade,
Sam Hardin

3rd Ave Shore {Ocean, Vintage and Surf inspired wall decals}

{Simple wicker with fun fabric. Lovin' the green surfboard}

{Ocean Side dining: Great way to use pillows too!  Awesome colors}

This is the first design from the shop to go up in the new place: Enjoy! Click pic to go to color option.