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Thursday, July 29, 2010

What a surprise!

Aloha everyone! Typically Mondays can be a bit blah, but yesterday's Monday R.O.C.K.E.D! I ran into Kailua's Shore Break Shave Ice truck! It was exciting to see 3rd Ave Shore's decals in action!

A few months back I did some custom artwork (surf and wave decals) for this shave ice truck. Seeing this old postal mail carrier really put me to the test. I loved that I was working with a blank canvas, so I decided that a long wave starting from the back and ending in the front would be perfect! Added some rainbow wording..and ta dah! Here it is!

The idea behind the truck is to be somewhat of an ice cream truck, meaning it's mobile! Shore Break Shave Ice cruises around Kailua selling 25 Ono delicious flavors of shave ice. I had coconut and watermelon yesterday...YUM! Check out their great site (you can even rent it for parties!).
Shorebreak Shave Ice.  A warm mahalo to Dave and Brook for bringing me on board with this fun project, may your business be blessed!

Are you interested in custom decals for your car or business vehicle? I can help! Just shoot me an e.mail at

Monday, July 19, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Refashion.....

3rd Ave Shore is delighted to be working with Cream of The Crop for their new window decals.

A good consignment store is something to tell your friends about, but a great consignment store you almost want to keep to yourself. Let's just say you should count yourself very lucky, that I'm even writing this piece on Cream of The Crop in Casa Grande, AZ.

The designation of a "good" versus a "great" consignment store relys heavily on 3 factors--pieces, prices, and placement. While part of the allure of a consignment store is hunting for bargains, you also don't want to spend hours on end digging through piles of fabric or having your eyes poked out by racks of haphazard hangers.

So how did Cream of The Crop rate?

Placement: Extremely well-organized by category and size, with a special side area's for quality shoes and purses.

Prices: Almost everything I picked up was under $20. Even the designer pieces were very fairly priced and in excellent shape.

Pieces: I don't know where to start--I was like a kid in a candy shop! The first thing I spotted when I walked in were these 2 lovely $1 racks!!! What?? A Dollar?? All the items on the rack were in excellent condition, like new. Get this, the owner even has a tea bar set up in the back, with an extended flavor and herbs selection.

More and more these days we are all trying to save a buck or two, whether it be for economical times or to put away in our vacation savings! I highly recommend stopping by this very cute quality consignment shop if you're ever in Arizona. Thanks you so very much Cream of The crop for allowing 3rdaveshore to design your new window decals.

Cream of the Crop can be found at:

311 North Florence Street
Casa Grande, AZ 85122-4422
(520) 836-9406

Do you need decals for your business? Decals are a great way to advertise on store fronts and vehicles! Just e.mail us @ for more information.

Be Blessed! Sam

Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY : Hibiscus decal package

Wow what a weekend......Ted and I cruised and had a chance to have a family day on Sunday with the fam and it was great! Something that came up between the two of us was hobbies. Something personal that we enjoy doing together is bike riding with Gus (our dog-child!).
So that is the inspiration behind this hibiscus diy (do it yourself) decal package. Enclosed is two LARGE hibiscus's and FOUR Half hibiscus's (to give you the look that they are coming out of the wall). You can mix match the colors as well. It really adds a unique painted on look to any room, even offices, churches, nurseries....whateva! Mention this blog post and receive $20 off your order. I hope this will inspire you and someone you enjoy time with to test your skills and spruce some blank walls! Enjoy! Click the pics to order.

Mahalo, Sam

Friday, July 9, 2010

Smart people count their blessings

Aloha Friday! Today here at 3rd Ave Shore we are celebrating gratitude. We are so thankful that we are able to offer 25% off of ALL orders in white. We've noticed that the more we give, the more it comes back and in ten folds. Mention this blog post when ordering (that's in white!) and we'll reimburse you 25%!!! Yes that's real cash, not a gift certificate.

Go enjoy your day and count the blessings in your life... Trust us, you're too blessed to be stressed!

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Vintage Inspried Waves

Aloha! This is 3rd Ave Shore's 1st post! I'm way excited about blogging the latest inspirations behind my designs. All of my designs you can find @

This decal looks really great in a multi-color, but can also be made in the same color as well.

25% off if you order one wave in white! Be Blessed and keep rockin life!

Easy Ordering....just click on the pics.