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Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY : Hibiscus decal package

Wow what a weekend......Ted and I cruised and had a chance to have a family day on Sunday with the fam and it was great! Something that came up between the two of us was hobbies. Something personal that we enjoy doing together is bike riding with Gus (our dog-child!).
So that is the inspiration behind this hibiscus diy (do it yourself) decal package. Enclosed is two LARGE hibiscus's and FOUR Half hibiscus's (to give you the look that they are coming out of the wall). You can mix match the colors as well. It really adds a unique painted on look to any room, even offices, churches, nurseries....whateva! Mention this blog post and receive $20 off your order. I hope this will inspire you and someone you enjoy time with to test your skills and spruce some blank walls! Enjoy! Click the pics to order.

Mahalo, Sam