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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Voice

The Hubster and I are notorious for enjoying our evenings rather simple. Our evenings begin with taking Gus down to stroll Kailua beach, followed by the grill being  fired up for some good eats and then cruisin' together till we can't keep our eyelids open. Well we were totally posted to The Voice last night, what kept our attention was the amazing talented contestants!!  It was incredible.  To say the least it inspired this post.

We all have a voice!  We are able to voice it in what we buy as consumers, treat others, dress, listen too, put forth, give, receive....etc.  If there is any "ah-ha" moment lesson that I live by it would be this:

All people want from us, is our best.  All that means is to be attentive, genuine and respectful. It's better to be interested then interesting.

Anyway the wind blows, is cool with me


Hope this itty bitty post inspires the voice in you to be your MOST authentic self. are a bright and SUPA shiny star.

Have a great 4th of July weekend:)